Serving Humanity

We use our gifts and talents, as well as the goods made available by our donors to serve our local underprivileged, as well as underage community.


We are here to serve, and at times, that comes about through entertainment.  Downloads, links, bookings available here.

IT Services

As visible from this site, we have some experience with website creation/hosting, database creation/hosting, and many other services.  Just ask.


Before we're able to provide some services (i.e. baptism, counseling, etc.) available in the Consulting section we must provide consulting.


Have you seen our site?  Like what we do, but don't know how to do it for you?  Let us help you.


We're not here for the money...

As a non-profit, those seeking management should not be worried by the term.  A non-profit does not mean there's no profit.  It means there's reasonable charges that are not over what's anticipated by the industry.  As such, understand we're here to give you the best price for the services and entertainment provided.  If you feel otherwise, please pray about it and then e-mail us.

We'd rather show you...

The site is filled with lots of pictures, imagery and video to help you understand better what it is we do.  We could post previous testimonials, but it's better if we show you.  Our aim is your satisfaction, so long as that's in-line with God's satisfaction.


Ask about the Services

Go ahead... push the button.  We're not afraid to let you see what we do, answer your questions, or tell you when we can/cannot do something.