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How this works:

Weekly Updates:

See what we’re doing on a weekly basis.  This will be cool if you’re in the area of one of our servants and want to stay up-to-date with volunteer and other events.  As we start, this will be a little on the slow end, but will pick up as He allows.

Monthly Updates:

Similar to Weekly Updates, but less frequent.  This will likely be our focus until Fall/Winter 2018.  (already checked)

Quarterly Updates:

This is the one for those who aren’t in the area of local servants, are already bogged down by e-mails, and would simply like a nudge every 3 months as to what’s going on.  In the future we intend to include financial information, so you can see how the money is being spent.

Volunteer Updates:

“Man, I’m good on all the other stuff, but I’d like to stay up on the activities to know when I can help out.”  If that’s your mindset, then this group is for you.  You’ll simply get the volunteer stuff and we’ll hopefully see you at some local events!

Entertainment Updates:

“ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!?”  This is for the ones who would just like updates on the entertainment side of the organization.  Find out when we have local entertainment events near you, music single/album releases, comic book signings, and more.

NOTE: please select all the groups you’re interested in and we’ll figure out a way to  consolidate what you like all in one place in the near future.