While we appreciate your help, His Humble Servants is NOT RESPONSIBLE for you or your belongings.  So, BE PREPARED!

Living in the metropolis of Los Angeles you learn a lot about the community.

  1. People will be people and this is not limited to the underprivileged or homeless.
  2. You are also a person, and we are not responsible for your words or actions, but please understand you are technically representing His Humble Servants (HHS) as you come out with us for events and activities.
  3. Some of our events take place in "not so nice areas" even if the sun is out and people are about.  As such, please be aware of your surroundings and your belongings.
  4. We are not a hospital nor do we bring doctors or nurses with us to evaluate the environment and people we assist.  As such, you will need to use your best judgment as to how close and how much physical contact is made.  Additionally, HHS does not run checks on your health status or ability to serve.  However, if we feel you are unfit to serve in any form or fashion (sick, flu, contagious diseases, etc.) we reserve the right to request you leave the event or activity.  In all, HHS reserves the right to disassociate from you as a volunteer and are not liable for any legal or medical issues arising from any event or activity.
  5. Gloves, face-masks, etc. will not be provided by HHS at all events and are the responsibility of the volunteer.

Please contact us with any questions.  Thank you!