Humbly Serving for Him

Why We Hit the Streets

Too many in this day and age are here for good 'ole #1, me (or I, if it's you, but maybe 'me' if you read as if you wrote it)... anyhow - most of us are looking out for ourselves in a very selfish manner.  Even as it relates to Christians, we are some of the worst at excusing our thoughts, words, and actions for His glorification, when we are, in fact, looking out for ourselves.

As such, we seek to serve those that the world doesn't want, have time for, or doesn't see.  We go to the places most don't want to go even when the funds tell us we shouldn't.

The Difference


Even saying the word seems less... humble.  However, we exist to please God, and the only way to do that is by faith.  The usual way to know you're doing something out of faith is because you have to make a decision without being able to do the next step.  As such, we go to the high-crime areas out of faith.  We firmly believe and trust God will protect us at all times, and should the time present itself, it would be time to go home and meet Him.  We could only accept that by first humbling ourselves.  Similar to one's belief in Jesus Christ, one must first come to the realization they could never be good enough (humility), and accept that God exists and provided a means for salvation through Jesus' work on the cross.  If this seems like Christianese (doesn't make sense) maybe hit us up here.


From humility, one must come to the understanding of service.  If you truly understand what God has done for you, what's keeping you from serving Him?  Is it the idea of "serving"?  Jesus came and served us in the lowliest of positions when He should've come in royalty.  Is serving too good for us, but not for Jesus?

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